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Three Metre Book Set

Ref Code: KPT3M

Testing the vision of a toddler couldn't be easier with the new Kay Picture Test Three Metre Book Set. Simply ask him to name or match a selection of pictures from the flip-over book and record his visual acuity as the smallest picture that can be seen and identified.

The test measures visual acuity as soon as a speech and naming ability is present, which can be as young as 18 months. The matching card option is for those unable or unwilling to name the pictures.

The pictures are presented one at a time, allowing very young children to concentrate without distraction. The eight pictures are displayed randomly, three at each acuity size, from sizes 1.00 to 0.00 (3/30 to 3/3) with the picture and size notation printed on side tab index.

The test results correlate with Snellen letter testing and provide consistent and reliable acuity measurements. However, for detecting small degrees of amblyopia, we recommend that a crowded picture test is attempted as soon as concentration levels permit. This is commonly by 36 months of age.

The eight acuity sizes in the distance test are 3/30, 3/19, 3/12, 3/7.5, 3/6, 3/5, 3/4, 3/3 (LogMAR: 1.0, 0.8, 0.6, 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 0.1, 0.0).

The distance test book covers are encapsulated in hardwearing plastic. A near test with four rows of single, reduced-sized pictures is printed inside the book and on a separate laminated card with the matching card printed on the reverse. Both covers and laminated card can be wiped clean. Book size is 22cm x 16cm.

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